Sunday, 28 September 2008

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  1. Symptoms:

    1)Patches of itching, can be aywhere on my body..this happens virtually every day..starts as a tingling that I feel the need to "rub" then have to scratch...scratching leads to huge "hives"...after about 20 mins the hives skin isnt broken or sore before or after the itching/ seems to be under my skin. Have tried to identify what I could be allergic to, have had a cat in the house for a year but this problem only started three months ago. It also happens when away from home, even abroad!
    2) have had about 3-4 night sweats over the past couple of months....wake up in the night and the bed is drenched in sweat... wondering if these could be related?

    2) It's generally uncomforatble when the intching starts and until the hives have gone down.

    This problem can occur anywhere over my body....both on exposed and unexposed skin.

    Cannot find anyway to relieve or stop this. Have tried Piriton... not much help as on the whole this itching and hives thing is self limiting.

    5) Becoming incredibly irritating...and looks unsightly when the hives appear....and I cant stop scratching!!

    This feels like an allergy but ,have never had anything like this before...I just have a nagging feeling that it's a systemic thing as opposed to an allergy.

    8) none

    9) none

    10) Over three months now since I last felt right

    Never had allergies before.

    11) I rarely visit my GP, as I am a generally healthy individual.. I am concsicous of not wasting his time....also, as this itching and hives thing comes and goes throughout the day...I may not be having "attack!" when in the surgery and therefore wont have the symptoms for him to see!!.. So my question is....coulD this be a systemic thing that could be investigated or is there some allergy testing kit I could try at home first to see if there is a simple answer to this.

  2. 1)uncomfortable feeling in my upper abdomen, across the top of my ribs and radiates down just above my belly button. pain also goes through to my upper back around my rib cage. colic pains and feeling very full rather than out and out pain. Also having twinges and pain spasms below my belly button to the left.

    2)only get the uncomfortable feelings after eating in upper abdomen, lower pain below button is constant.

    3)every time i eat, and constant pain below belly button

    4) always in same 3 places, lower left side belly button, upper abdomen and back.

    5)can't work at the moment due to constantly feeling sick when i eat, not sleeping and i can't sleep on my side, skin itching.

    6)had keyhole gallbladder removal surgery 3 weeks ago, i think it is still associated with that.

    7) gallstones, havent had follow up since surgery.

    8) same as 7

    9) no further treatment planned since surgery

    10)february 2008

    11) ibs, me, glandular fever

    12) cut out alcohol and fatty foods since being diagnosed, although since surgery eating normally but having the pains all the time, whereas before it was only when i ate fatty foods. bowels opening every other day.

    13) self employed no problems at work except not working at the moment.


  3. hi. for the past few months i have been getting quite alot of heartburn, plus all over body itching mainly after a bath and keeps me awake at night,i have had a cough where i am constantly coughing to clear my throat too but last 3 days given up smoking and thats seems to have calmed down,(using a nicotine patch) and now my bad eye gone more blurry and eyes are itchy and sore,i am under alot of stress as got a disabled child and more so now with the smoking and wondered if that y my eye gone bad, i suffer from anxiety attacks to so don't leave house often, plz help!!! worried!!! age 38 don't drink,hight 5ft 5in weight 8 halkf stone

  4. This is about oedema. I am 67, a mid-sized white male carrying too much weight. I have fluid retention in both lower legs, puffy feet and swollen ankles - particularly in this summer weather. But it is all year round. My GP and the cardiologist prescribe Furosemide as a water pill, but I don't always take it. This is because - as a clergyman - I have public duties and I cannot risk having to rush off at a moment's notice when I am in the middle of something. (I think doctors should ask themselves - could I take a tablet that has me rushing out of the room continuously? I don't think so.)

    I am NOT taking an overseas holiday this year because holiday walking quickly becomes painful. I have been prescribed support stockings which don't help much.

    When I was 60 I had angina and had a very successful quadruple heart bypass. But they took a vein out of my left leg and this is the leg with the maximum oedema now.
    My GP, who is excellent, wants me to lose a lot of weight and take the water pill. I am not really following her directions. But I am willing to try harder!
    I am a late sleeper - so my plan is to get to bed earlier - rise early and take the Furosemide, then have my urination dramas before 9 am.

    My Cardiologist has recently said my heart is strong although working too hard because I have high blood pressure. In the spring he discharged me.

    I take Diovan for this which keeps the pressure down. I also take a 75 aspirin tablet and Allopurinol for a long-recognized gout tendency.
    (I have had kidney stones in the past - but that was in my thirties.)

    My life has been uneventful medically. I will ask to work beyond that age as long as I can.

    Assuming I can lose some weight in the next year -
    can I also reduce the oedema?

    I don't smoke. I am a sedentary type. I drink a few glasses of wine each day.

    I am happy,contented and fulfilled. I had no children being a bachelor. My work is to do with the church
    and very fulfilling.

  5. Not really a health complaint in itself but answering a way of dealing with it!

    I am considering using a herbal mix to help with losing weight. My problem is that I am still breast feeding my 30 month old son at bed time and I am concerned that anything I take will/may pass on to & harm him.

    Can you tell me is it safe for me to take Fucus Vesiculosus, Caffeine from Guarana Extract, Citrus Aurantium & Green tea Extract without it affecting him?

    I am a 38yrs non-smoker, 5' 4" and weigh almost 17st.
    Hope you can help?

  6. Been having some G.I problems for the last few weeks that I have put down to IBS; however it's slightly different from previous so I hoped you might help.
    Aged 64, smoker giving up down to 5 a day of the weak type.
    Highly stressd lifestyle for many years and frequenr bouts of gastritis, acid heartburn, with quite frequent problems with short bursts of stomach upsets put down to food and drink being infected.
    Had 2 urinary tract infections needing antibiotics to clear; one quite persistent that needed some heavy intervention for second round of antibiotics but all a few years ago. These were alleged to be E-coli but no samples taken.
    Past couple of years the heartburn all but disappeared but still had less frequent problems of stomach upsets and I do seem to prone to these.
    Currently have IBS type symptoms of bloating after food, some pain but not severe or sustained, no constipation or diahroea, but fairly rapid digestive transit. This has lasted about 3 weeks.
    GP ordered tests of CBC and Kidney Function all came back normal with no anemia.
    Am taking pepermint oil caps (enteric) 2each 3x a day plus dimeticone as needed.
    Also take Lyprinol Omega 3 type mussel oil for arthritis plus CoQ10 plus 1000 IU of D3.
    Not been sick, no blood in stools. Eat low carb diet high in protein and fats of highest quality I can get. Not lost weight recently but did when I started the diet 9 months ago.
    Have had PTSD for last year and have a history of deppression from the past. I used to be biologist and health physician but I'm not a doctor and mine seems a bit lost.