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Get expert advice quickly - this may come from established experts, your friends, reading, the Internet. If you are faced with a problem with which you are not familiar, its time to Get Help

1 Financial
2 Employment
3 Health Advice

I Financial Advice

Money Guardian
Learn about money where you can. Web based information on a wide range of money related issues.

Money Saving Expert
A useful web based source of money saving information and ideas.

National Debtline
A free, confidential, independent telephone helpline for people with debt problems in England, Wales and Scotland.
National Debtline, The Arch, 48-52 Floodgate Street, Birmingham B5 5SL, Telephone 0808 808 4000

One of the country's leading debt advice agencies with over 12 years experience in helping people
with their debt problems. 0800 917 7823

Consumer Credit Counselling Service
A charity that assists people who are in financial difficulty by providing free, independent, impartial and realistic advice. It is run by the Credit Industry, and has an interest in helping you pay your debts, as opposed to going bankrupt
Telephone 0800 138 1111

The UK Insolvency Helpline -
The UK Insolvency Helpline is a national telephone helpline for people with debt problems all over the UK. The service is free, confidential and independent
Telephone 0800 0746918 Website

For doctors
Royal Medical Benevolent Fund Helps GMC registered doctors and their dependants in need, if resident in the UK.

2 Employment Advice

Flexible working
Advice about flexible working and helping develop a life work balance that supports you and your family.

Disability Discrimination
For Employers
A quick guide to your obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act

How to approach the problem of mental health in the workplace

For Employees,
Mental ill health is included in the Disability Discrimination legislation.

Disability as described by the Disabilty Discrimination Act
a) It has to be long term, ie it has already lasted or is likely to last more than 12 months
b) It has to be substantial,
c) It has to affect a person’s ordinary day to day activity, even if treatment effectively controls the symptoms.

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3 Health Advice

i) Mental Health

Mental Health Foundation

Mind Apples

Information about depression

Free online Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

ii) Lifestyle

Dr Liz Miller Top Ten Health tips

iii) Diet
Improve your diet

The scientific evidence linking diet and mental health

iv) Reading list

The Natural Way to Beat Depression - Basant K. Puri, Hilary BoydPotatoes not Prozac - Kathleen DesMaisons
Manage your mind - Hope & Butler
Healing without Prozac – David Serban-Schreiber

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