Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Terms and Conditions


I have "Rooms" rather than a clinic, where I see people more as two people might come together to discuss a medical condition that one of them has, rather than a traditional doctor patient consultation.

I believe we should both learn from each other. I help you understand what I know and you help me become more informed in my area of interest. This is not a traditional doctor patient relationship and I do not act as your doctor


The "fee" is the free sharing of knowledge and that we publish any pictures and useful information, anonymously, on the Internet. Your consent is assumed, although I may also ask you to sign a formal consent document, should there be a possibility of your case being of sufficient medical interest to be published in a medical journal.

You may if you choose make a donation to my company Well & Working, but that is not expected or necessary. See Interests

I may suggest some investigations which can be arranged privately. You are responsible for paying for these investigations and I will not suggest anything that I do not believe is necessary. I have no financial interest in recommending you to a particular place - only for economy and convenience.

I do not prescribe medication, although I may suggest that you visit your doctor and ask about the possibility of any prescription medications that may be helpful.


My interest is in exploring disease and in progressing such "medical" knowledge.

I hope one day to have a full laboratory to investigate the role of the autonomic nervous system in disease. The equipment that would support such an interest costs well into five figures. I am not rich, because I have always chosen to do the right thing, and what I believe to be in the best interests of the "patient" and maintain my interest in medicine rather than concentrate on earning money.


Please email me at Dr at Drlizmiller dot com

Many thanks

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