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Teach Yourself Medicine, the Autonomic Nervous System

Teach Yourself Medicine (TYM) is the medicine of the Autonomic Nervous System
Click here for further information about the effect of damage or "denervation" to the autonomic nervous system and how this causes Western diseases.

The Autonomic Nervous (ANS) is like the computer system that runs the body. The ANS is brain of the human body. Difficulties with the Autonomic Nervous System cause 90% of western diseases.

Symptoms of autonomic nervous system malfunction, such as dizziness, fatigue, headache, muscle aches and pain are at best called "medically unexplained symptoms". Only traditional Western Medicine ignores these vital early clues to disease "unexplained" .

Chinese Medicine, Aruveydic medicine, Galenic medicine and every major system of medicine acknowledges symptoms coming from the Autonomic Nervous,

Only Western Medicine waits until the human body is damaged so badly that it is all but irreversible. Western medicine waits until the organs at the ends of the nerves, until the computer system running the body malfunctions so badly that a person is effectively disabled.

Until that point is reached, until there is sufficient damage to show up on medical tests, doctors are taught to dismiss symptoms as "psychological".

Symptoms coming from the Autonomic Nervous System include


Pain is the most important warning the ANS gives. In many ways it is a final warning before permanent damage begins. Too often, people take aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, voltarol, codeine, tramadol and continue to do exactly what they did that caused the pain.

Muscle fatigue

Fatigue means tiredness, something is tiring the body out and making it fail. Yet we have been taught to take a stimulant such as coffee, alcohol, tea, antidepressants, and painkillers to mask the symptoms of tiredness that mean we need to rest


Dizziness comes either from the body failing to manage blood pressure as person moves around or from a problem in the ear. A person's ability to move freely, animals ability to move from one environment to another depend on their ability to keep their blood pressure steady. Dizziness suggests that the ANS is no longer coping


Palpitations indicate the heart is beating incorrectly, even Tony Blair had palpitations at the height of the Iraq crisis, because of the pressure he experienced from having lied to the nation.

Stomach pains, bloating, diarrhoea

Although this collection of symptoms is frequently called Irritable Bowel Syndrome, it represents a failure of the Autonomic Nervous System to manage the stomach and bowels in the face of severe psychological pressure, a processed unnatural diet and interfering with the natural process of digestion and bowel movements

In every area of medicine, the role of the autonomic nervous system has been neglected. This means that western medicine does not intervene until a person has a serious medical condition. It means that people reporting symptoms that show mild problems are ignored until their symptoms are severe and disabling.

The most obvious and dangerous areas where Modern Medicine neglects its patients in the worst ways are

Obstetrics and Gynaecology, where damage in labour leads to gynaecological problems that last the rest of a woman's reproductive life.

Psychiatry, where failure to understand people leads to the widespread use and abuse of drugs that directly damage the Autonomic Nervous System

and finally

Occupational Health which fails to recognise the intimate relationship between work, health and disease and repeatedly consigns people to unemployment or intolerable working conditions which directly damage peoples' health.

Here as with the specialties mentioned above, there are only crude investigations. Those "abnormalities" that are seen are misinterpreted. The last conference I attended on gastroenterology failed to mention diet or bowel movements. It is like investigating the water and sewer system of London without understanding what is meant to go through the pipes. Needless to say that kind of approach leads to a lot of unfortunate errors!

Teach Yourself Medicine unpicks medicine as it is now and offers a medical education to everyone who is interested in finding out a little more about how their body works!

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

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  1. It seems today that a high proportion of Physicians are happy to treat the symptoms rather than the patient as a whole. This leads to damage over time that is beyond help, except to consign ourselves to the dubious and often overrated intervention, of a Surgeon.
    This seems especially the case in many of the areas you describe. Ailments such as osteoarthritis, which I suffer from, are treated often with increasingly powerfull painkillers, whose side effects are well known but largely ignored, instead of promoting life style amendment to at least ameliorate the problem.
    I was unprepared to accept this, knowing as I do, the somewhat dubious outcomes of surgery and that NSAIDS often create further more dangerous co-morbidities than that which they are prescribed for.
    Wieght loss, omega 3 in high concentration and low molecular weight hyalauronic acid has over a few months reduced my pain to the level of the odd moment. I had tried a few other well known supplements but non had been suggested by my Physician. Just 'oh that might be an idea', when I suggested Omega 3 salmon oil. The attitude seems to be, advise painkillers and then go on the list for surgery. What a pathetic response?
    I applaud your eandevour to treat the patient, not the symtoms and to educate us all in taking responsibility for our own bodies. The NHS could save vast amounts of money if Doctors could go back to the principle of Healing and not simply prescribing. Oh and I changed my GP.

  2. Thank you Black Dog - I missed your comment sooner. You are right!

    Weight loss, omega 3s, glucosamine, pilates or yoga style exercises help. is one of my favorite sites - great approach to pain and movement.

    Well done!!! and keep us posted!

    You are right, right and right! I want this blog to share the knowledge we all have about being healthy!