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Keeping a Health Record and the link to Galen

"The job's not done until the paperwork is finished"

You are the person who cares most whether your medical record is correct and relevant. Traditional medical records are usually inaccurate. Some mistakes are life threatening, when your allergies are not mentioned. Other are annoying, and some are damaging, for example, biased psychiatric and social work reports.

Google has come up with a solution Google Health Records. Its a bit like Google Earth and Google Libraries. Visionary, inclusive and extremely annoying for people who don't like Google. Nowadays, most human activity seem to have been "Googled". 

The benefit of a Google health record is that unlike Health Care companies, doctors, insurance companies etc,  Google does not make money out of sick people. The Internet has changed medicine for the better and the Google search engine has fuelled that change.

It is a free service, because people are not used to paying someone to store their medical information for them. Nonetheless, Google promises not to target you with advertising based on your health information, time will tell. Other health orientated sites offer a similar service, but most target you with advertising and ask for a subscription.

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Who is organising Google Health Records
Google Health Advisory Board

Dean Ornish, M.D. heads up the Google Health Board 
Advisory Council Chairman

Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

Click here to find the other council members

Those Not on the Board are wailing loudly. This criticism is bizarre

"Sorry, but I think Google dropped the ball on this one. The council should’ve been twice as large and ensured it was made up of nearly as many patient advocacy groups..." 

This comes from

Doubling the size of a council, committee, or board halves its effectiveness. It only takes a few committed people to change the world. More than a few, and your project will quickly grind to a halt. Less is More. Others complaints include no medical librarians, or prominent members of Medical Associations on the Board. The reason is obvious, look at the mess we are in at the moment.  

Dean Ornish believes in health and prevention. He is an excellent choice for Chairman of the Google Health Board, he writes well and has the right message Click here for a selection of his books

And if you want one: This is a best buy:

or go to and learn more about Dean Ornish

And the link to Galen
Galen (AD 129 to 217, approx father of modern medicine) major contribution was his ability to systematically organise medical information. This allows doctors (and anyone else who want to) make a diagnosis and organise treatment.

Galen is the greatest doctor of all time. He lived and worked in Rome in the third century from AD 199 to  217 approx. His major contribution was in the organisation of medical information. He taught doctors of his day and millions since to take a medical history and to organise medical information in a way helps doctors think about it logically and make a proper diagnosis and systematically organise treatment.

Dean Ornish is as deserving as any doctor this generation to take on Galen's mantle

Click here for more information, or Google Galen

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